Research on an event chronology

As an example we would like to research the chronology of "British Petroleum" and Russian "Tumen Oil Company" merger. We are interested to know about any changes in the amount of transaction or any other figures connected with this process.

Step 1. Login

Enter your login and password at Then click the button “Sign in”. You will find yourself on the page with the list of the services available. Choose Russian or English language from the list.

Step 2. Entry into Artefact

Choose Artefact among other services. The following settings are installed in Artefact on default: searching profile “Advanced”, date range “One week”, databases “ Mass media”

Step 3. Query composing, choosing databases and date range

In the search field you should type key words which may help you to find the necessary information. The following query may be composed:
 ("тнк" or "тюменская нефтяная компания") ("bp" or "british petroleum" or "бритиш петролеум") (слияние or поглощение or объединение) @число
In the first pair of brackets ("тнк" или "тюменская нефтяная компания") there are two variants of one company name. A query language element [“…”] means that the words are immediately followed one by another.
The second pair of brackets ("bp" или "british petroleum" или "бритиш петролеум") contains the possible names of the other company.
In the third pair of brackets  (слияние или поглощение или объединение) there are the words similar by meaning to the merger.
The element [@число] means that found documents must contain any numbers (including written out in words)
Spaces between the word, phrases and pairs of brackets are equivalent to the logical operator AND:
("тнк" or "тюменская нефтяная компания") and ("bp" or "british petroleum" or "бритиш петролеум") and (слияние or поглощение or объединение) and @число

 On the right of the search field we must tick the square box “in one sentence”. This specification assures that in all found documents all the query words will be situated in one sentence.
NOTE. It is not necessary to tick the square box in case you have typed [/p] in your query:
(("тнк" or "тюменская нефтяная компания") ("bp" or "british petroleum" or "бритиш петролеум") (слияние or поглощение or объединение) @число) /p

We select sources Newspapers, Journals and Magazines. Date range – from 01.06.2002 to 01.06.2005, and then press the “Search” button.

The following page displays all the sources with relevant documents. We have found 165 documents.

Step 4. Looking through the publication fragments

By clicking Titles in the top left corner you will get the fragments of relevant documents.

In order to get the full text you must click on the title of the document.

Step 5. Making Report

If you want to make a review of retrieved documents you may use a special option “Basket”. You may send a document to the Basket just from the Title page or after opening the full text.
On the title page you should tick the square boxes to the left of chosen documents or indicate “select all”, after that you must click “To the Basket” button. If you have decided to send the document to the basket after opening the whole text, please, click [  ] at the top of the page.

When you open the Basket you will see all the documents you have saved. Mark the documents you would like to include in your report and press the button “Создать отчет” (“Make a report”)

The report will be found in the folder “Reports and archives”:

After you click the title of the report you will get the review of the saved documents related to the merger of the two companies.