Study conducted by means of INTEGRUM™ Monitor: revealing the word which symbolizes the year 2009.

At the end of 2009 the open contest to define the word - symbol of the year was conducted in the Russian network. The voluntary site Imhonet and Center of the Russain Language Development were the organizers of the contest. The results of the voting are the following:

The winners of the year are the words: "antikrizisnyi" (anti-crisis), "zombojastschik" (television which makes a zombie out of a man) and "medveputia".

We decided to carry out our small study and by means of INTEGRUM™ Monitor find out which words from the listed above enjoyed the highest popularity in mass media last year, which of them were mentioned negativelly or positively and then compare our results with the outcomes of the open contest "Word of the year".

INTEGRUM™ Monitor is a tool which allows tracking the dynamics of references to objects in different mass media at a specific time period.

We set the necessary parameters and received the following results. Comparing the words, which are the winners, we found out that the word "antikrizisnyi" takes the leading place by the number of mentioning in mass media. Generally, this word is used together with the words "measures", "programs", "plans" and "strategies". This word is mostly mentioned in the group "Business references/ Analytics" and in Moscow, Kiev and St. Petersburg editions. The graph below shows the references to the word "antikrizisnyi" in the leading Russian newspapers.

The word "zombojastschik" is second-best by the number of references. The graph below depicts the dynamics of references to the words "zombojastschik" and "medveputia" with positive and negative connotations.

Clicking the bar you can see the list of articles where these words are mentioned. For instance, in one of the articles "zombojastschik" (modern Russian TV) is set equal to "debilizator" (from mental debility) or they say, that "zombojastschik trained people to bad news". The example of the use of the word with negative meaning is listed below:

On the whole, we can make a conclusion that the words "zombojastschik" and "medveputia" are not highly used in newspapers and magazines yet, generally they can be met in Internet in chats and forums and are used in conversational speech.