User's manuals

In order to study all the possibilities of Integrum services and to make you work more effective you can view the Integrum Videomanual . Also you can download and save the zip archive to your computer. After that please unpack it and launch the file index.html.

If you prefer Power Point format please download our old User's manual.

Other support resources

Advertising booklet Integrum: electronic portrait of Russia download PDF

Brief overview of Integrum databases download PDF

Our latest Newsletter download PDF

Integrum for business download PDF

Integrum for researchers download PDF

Integrum for Russian Studies download PDF

Download INTEGRUM™ Companies presentation in Power Point format (622 KB).

Download INTEGRUM™ Companies user manual in Power Point format (560 KB).

Download INTEGRUM™ Companies leaflet in PDF(356 KB).

Download My Integrum presentation in Power Point format (855 KB).

Download My Integrum leaflet in PDF (502 KB).

Download My Integrum user manual in PDF (943 KB).

Download Integrum Social Networks leaflet (1.65 MB).

Examples of Integrum usage

Download Integrum services presentation in Power Point format (2.78 MB) as an example of the research potential of the Integrum tools.


Frequently asked questions

Why should I pay for Integrum service if I can search Internet free using such search engines as Yahoo or Rambler?

1. Most of the 5000 Integrum databases are not free. You have to pay if you directly subscribe to any of them.

2. With IW you are actually searching not in the Internet but within more than 40 Gbytes of full-text information on Integrum server. This guarantees the unique speed and relevancy of search results.

3. Our proprietary search engine "Artefact" is designed to process texts in Russian. It is the result of 30 years experience in linguistic technologies, based on the Russian Grammar Dictionary, vastly supplemented by the contemporary lexis and linguistic algorithms.

How can I speed up the process of getting information?

Select only those databases groups that you want to use. You can do it by clicking the appropriate checkboxes at the query page. You can do the same even within the SELECTED GROUP (e.g. "Central Press") by clicking the appropriate checkboxes for the databases you need (e.g. "Trud").

Can I work with Integrum service using several computers and the same login and password?

Yes, but not simultaneously. Each new user blocks the previous one. For multi-user access fill in the subscription form.

Can I receive the full version of the newspaper or magazine?

Yes, you can receive the full version of any newspaper or magazine. In order to receive the full version you have to choose the needed database group ( for example "Central Press") and choose the newspaper you are looking for (for example "Trud"). Push  "See documents" at the right. On the top of the page you will see the list of numbers after the word "List of titles" which correspond to newspaper issues group (number 1- corresponds to the oldest issues)

I do not have a keyboard with Cyrillic letters. How can search in the Integrum databases?

Choose transliteration encoding when you are entering the system. Enter your transliterated query with ## using English keyboard , for example, #ekonomika#. The second option is our Virtual Keyboard. You can find it on the query page. Finally, for the simplest queries it is possible to use the TRANSLATE option provided by PROMT translator. For example, a query "Economic development of Russia" will be translated, if necessary, to "экономическое развитие России ".


Quite a lot of examples of how Integrum can be used in humanities can be found in the recent book Integrum: Quantitative methods and the humanities - edited in Japan by Professor G. Nikiporets-Takigawa and foreworded by Professor Viach. Vs. Ivanov. The book is available at MIPP International on-line store.

In case you have any other questions or require assistance with Integrum services, please, contact us at

In order to set up a trial access to Integrum database services, please, register on our site and choose Trial in Subscription Type.