INTEGRUM™ Profi is the largest archive of mass-media sources from Russia and the former Soviet Union with a range of analytical tools that help to draw the digital portrait of Russia and the ex-USSR countries.

The archive contains Moscow and Russian regional newspapers and magazines, on-line, TV and radio sources as well as media sources from the CIS and some other countries with the archive of some of them back to the late 1980s - early 1990s. All the documents can be automatically translated into English. Today the archive contains 120,000 sources and their number is constantly growing.

INTEGRUM™ Profi offers the following tools for comprehensive analysis of the post-Soviet press:

People today

This service makes it possible to compile a list of the 100 people most often mentioned in the press during the day.

Who? Where? When?

This service enables you to use the Integrum factual database containing information from open sources about people and organizations employing them.

Relative statistics

This service is useful for the detailed study of object reportability (company, person, event, etc.). Relative statistics also allows you to find out how the reportability of one object depends on the reportability of another.

Comparative statistics

The Comparative statistics service is designed for comparative analysis of references to similar competing objects (companies, people, events, etc.)

Catalogue of sources (beta)

This service will help to define all the sources on a specified topic.

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