The relative analysis of hits for particular subjects. How often is Ukraine being associated with the gas conflict in the Central Russian press?

Let’s suppose you’d like to analyze the dynamics of references to Ukraine in connection with the gas conflict in the Russian Central press.

Step 1. Login

On the home page of enter your login and password. Then click the button  “Sign in”. You will find yourself on the page with the list of the services available. Choose Russian or English language from the list.

Step 2. Entry into the service “Comparative and relative statistics”

Choose Relative statistics on the opening page. The service “Relative statistics” is used for studying the detailed structure of object mentioning in the press and is able to reveal the dependence of mentioning of one object on another.

Step 3. A new query group composing

Choose ADD in the field QUERY GROUP in the second drop-down list and press OK. Name a new query group, for example Украина/газ, and press OK.

Press ADD A QUERY PAIR and enter (газ!п и Украина)/п in the field QUERY 1,  Украина– in the field QUERY 2. By the second query all the publications about Ukraine will be found. By the first query all the documents, in which Ukraine is mentioned together with gas conflict, will be found. The element !п after the word gas permits finding all its related words. The query, placed into the brackets with the element !п after the brackets, ensures that these words will be found in one sentence.

Then name a query pair, for instance Украина, choose the color and press OK.

Step 4. Choosing the date range and interval

Specify the date range and interval, 01.12.2008 – 26.01.2009 with an interval weekly

Choose absolute or relative scale, form of results viewing (line, line with markers, columns, columns 3D).

Mark the search area, in our case СМИ: Центральная пресса.

Step 5. Viewing the results

Click SEARCH and the results will be ready in a moment. The following graph shows that in the middle of January 2009 gas was mentioned in more than 50% of publications about Ukraine.

If you’d like to get a report in different formats, you can use the functions Excel report, Text report, Html report at the bottom of the interface. The results in the form of tables will open on separate pages.

The query groups in the service Relative Statistics are automatically saved and can be added and renamed in further work.