News monitoring service (in the field of Russian economy and politics)

Let us suppose you would like to keep track of the latest news about economical and political life in Russia.

Step 1. Login

On the home page of enter your login and password. Then click the button  “Sign in”. You will find yourself on the page with the list of the services available. Choose Russian or English language from the list.

Step 2. Entry into Teletype

Choose Teletype among other services. This specific interface serves for reading the latest news from the main news agencies.

Step 3. Reading news with Teletype

In the left top corner of the page you can see a drop-down. You can choose a source (news agency) or a group Hot News - the last hour news of all news agencies.

On top in the middle you will see one more drop-down list where you may choose the interval of automatic refreshing (from 5 min to 30 sec). If you haven’t used automatic refreshing, you have to click the button Show/Refresh to see all new headlines.

The news is displayed in two frames. The top frame contains the list of news headlines arranged by date/time (shown to the left of a headline). Click on the headline to get the entire text in the bottom frame. To the left of a headline in the top frame there is a link (folder) to be used to send the message to the basket.

In case we want to read only economic and financial news we should choose a corresponding source, for example “RIA News. News on Russian Economy” (“РИА Новости. Новости российской экономики”)

As you can see, the on-line service Teletype is very useful for the latest news monitoring.